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  1. Hello there, Can anyone help with an Extract question please? Is there any way to have the references that I'm exporting to an Excel file using an extract appear in the order that they appear in the files rather than have them sorted alphabetically as they do by default? Or is there a way to identify where they appear in their file by say the position of the first word? The fields that I'm exporting are File.Hierarchical Name, Coding Reference.Coded Text and Coding Code.Hierarchical Name. Many thanks, Sally
  2. Thank you very much again @canarik 🙂. This is the second question that you have helped me with - I'm very grateful to you. I've created an extract based on the default "Coding summary by file" extract. This has given me an Excel file that I can process to get the format that I want to work with. For anyone wanting to do something similar, I have used the following fields: file.hierachical name coding reference.coded text coding code.hierarchical name All the best, Sally
  3. Thank you very much @canarik. I'll learn how to use Reports. Do you know if there is a detailed manual that lists all of the objects that can be used in reports please? Many thanks, Sally
  4. Hello there, I'm trying to find out, for text coded to one or more of a particular set of nodes across my source documents, which combination of nodes each piece of text is coded to. I realise that I can do this visually using coding stripes, but I need something that I can export into Excel to explore and summarise. What I would like to end up with is a table with columns for the name of the source file, the text that has been coded (or an identifier to it of some sort), and a column for each node of interest showing whether the text is coded to that node. Is there a way to
  5. Canarik, thank you very much! I am very grateful to you for such an elegant solution. All the best, Sally
  6. Hello, Is anyone able to tell me please how to find sources not coded to any of a selected list of nodes? I've been trying to use advanced find, and can find sources coded to specified nodes, but there doesn't seem to be a "not coded to" option like there is when querying. If this is not possible in 11 pro, is it in 12 pro? Many thanks for any suggestions, Sally
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