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  1. On 2/17/2021 at 10:31 PM, QSRSupport said:

    Hi Olivia,

    NVivo merges the files if the file content & file name & file location is the same across the projects you are merging. If the files do not satisfy this criteria, the files are not merged and NVivo will show them as separate in the merged project. This will also affect the coding comparison results. 

    Please refer to the link below for detailed information on merging projects:


    In regards to query not showing across 2nd and 3rd files, this could only occur if these files have been coded by not more than one user each. You can identify the coding by opening the nodes from the Coding Comparison query results and looking at coding stripes to the right.


    Kind Regards,


    Hi Bhupesh,

    Thanks for your response, but this didn't really solve our problem. We know how to run the query and view the comparison, but we're still having a problem where only one of several coded files is comparing correctly. We named everything (files, codes, etc) identically, and the green coding comparison stripes show up for common-coded content in our first file, but common coding doesn't show for any other files, despite the fact that we know for a fact we have common coding in other files. In the comparison visual for each file we can see the little common coded stripes of green at the top up until file one ends, but then only alternating yellow/blue across all the other files, meaning common coding is showing up for the first file only, and then only one coder's or the other is showing up on all the rest of the files (I attached a couple of screen grabs from two different codes in case that helps. The green stripes stop right before the end of file one). 

    Any idea why this might be the case? 

    Thanks so much! 
    Olivia & Team

    Screen Shot 2021-02-23 at 4.55.41 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2021-02-23 at 4.55.52 PM.png

  2. Hello! 

    We're having some trouble merging three projects to run a coding comparison query: every time we merge the three projects to run the query, not all files and nodes transfer. We have tried this several different ways, the most successful being all three researchers saving their projects with different project names, but using the same set of nodes and the same files with the same names within. The newest trouble is this: with all three projects currently merged (featuring a code deck with the exact same nodes and three files that are labeled exactly the same), the coding comparison query only compares codes in the first file and not the other two (it will only show one researcher's or another's coding in the 2nd and 3rd files, even though the individual projects show similar coding across nodes when not merged, if that makes sense?) 

    Any thoughts on what might be the problem would be VERY helpful...we've looked through most of the help online but can't find anything that matches our problem. I can also respond and add screen grabs if that would be helpful? 

    Thanks so much! 

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