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  1. I have several application forms that I am hoping to analyze in NVivo 12. The form was sent in PDF form with spaces available for respondents to type out answers, and then respondents filled them out. When I go to select text, I can text select only the questions, but I am unable to select the responses. Is NVivo not recognizing field responses as text for some reason? Or will I have to convert the documents to different file types in order for NVivo to recognize these as words? Apologies that I cannot share a screenshot, but the material I'm working with is confidential. Thank you i
  2. Hello, I have imported several Word files into NVivo 12 Plus. The files contain tables, but the text in the tables is being cut off by the edge of the table when I view it in NVivo. There is no option to resize the table in NVivo, but if I convert the table to text, I lose how the information in the other columns lines up with my cells. How do I reformat it so that I can see all of my text in these tables?
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