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  1. Does anyone else here think it as absolutely ludicrous for new Nvivo to crash so many times that you have lost count in one day how many log reports you have sent in and yet no-one bothers to contact you. I have tried all of the suggestions available online including compacting the project and all it did was corrupt the project file so I was unable to use it. I am wasting so much time having to restart the program everytime it errors whether it be just from simply hitting the save icon or simple copy and paste.
  2. I am having difficulties simply copying and pasting simple text from a transcript to another document... at leasts five times this morning it has caused Nvivo to crash, I keep sending the log reports but nothing every gets done to fix the problem. I tried optimising the project using the compact function but all that did was corrupt my file so I could not even open it, I had to reinstall SQL to be able to access the file. The new Nvivo for me has many issues.
  3. Is there any way to create an attribute that allows for selection of multiple values rather than just one value?
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