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  1. As an update, I was finally able to see the codes in the file. My RA sent is as a .qdpx file and it converted in my NVivo and showed the codes. Any reason why this worked?
  2. Hi Bhupesh, I opened the project in a separate file and it does not contain nodes. However, I know this is false because when I open up the first file she had originally sent me, the nodes are all present. So it appears that when she sent it as a project containing two files, it does not work. I also updated my NVivo and got the second RA's file to open! Thank you But again, the aforementioned RA's file does have codes so I'm not sure why they are missing when they are sent in a project that contains both files.
  3. Hi there, I'm working on a study and have several research assistants working on coding transcripts in their own NVivo program. A few of them have PC while one has a Mac. As I have a Mac, the PC students have converted their files to be opened on a Mac. This worked for the first file, as I was able to successfully import the RA's project into the master project. However, she has since sent another file which does import into the master project but all her nodes are missing and when I click Highlight > Coding for All Nodes, the file shows that no nodes have been created which is false.
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