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  1. Is the text query feature "spread to" missing in the Mac version? I can't find it if it still exists. Can you please help e with that? I need NVivo to show text query results in paragraphs.
  2. Hi, thank you for the answer. So, is this only way to work around this issue is to manually split every book into its chapters and then import them into NVivo one by one? This is very inconveniencing indeed.
  3. Hello, My question is about NVivo 12 on MacOS. So, I recently decided to use NVivo for my literature review and I have run into this problem about book chapters. As you know, books that consist of collection of articles each of which is authored by different scholars are pretty much a usual thing in academy. And, these books usually can be downloaded in one piece --if you can download them at all. As such, I want to create new external-like proxies for chapters in these books on the go. How can I do this the most efficient way possible? Thank you for your response in advance. I am lo
  4. Thank you, Stacy! --though I really think this shortcoming has been widely addressed as a huge issue by large number of scholars from all over the world so far despite the lack of a tangible unified collective effort to let the NVivo management team know about their frustration. I really consider starting an online petition campaign if this issue remains unaddressed. Again, thank you for doing this, Stacy! We really appreciate your help and attention.
  5. Hello, I believe the lack of code relationships is an extremely debilitating shortcoming of NVivo Mac at the moment. As this very essential feature has huge implications for the quality and feasibility of scholarship, this shortcoming needs to be addressed, at least at a basic level to start with, as soon as possible. This has been integrated to Windows version of NVivo for years now. Please, hear this scholar's voice and do something about it. I don't want to and I can't really, buy a PC just for this reason. The lack of this feature is an equity issue at this point. Thank you
  6. I just signed up just to highlight how significant this issue is. Despite its extremely negative implications for the scholars' work, the lack of "node relationships" on the MacOS version of NVivo has still not been addressed. And indeed, it has been constantly ignored by the NVivo's team up until now --as is the case with Rachel's very elaborate post about this. This makes me re-think of NVivo's integrity, to be honest.
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