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  1. Hello! Seeing as Nvivo for Mac is limited in terms of analyzing data, I want to extract everything into a csv file. So, I thought of running a matrix coding query (with all the files as rows and all the codes as columns). However, I noticed that it's not accurate. The query doesn't seem to find all the codes of a file. For example, if I sum the column of one code (summing over all the files), I get a smaller number than the actual amount of files that had that code. Some info about my data: 334 files (mix of pdfs & images). I have almost 50 codes. At first I thought it
  2. If anyone in the future also finds this problem, I just figured out a way to make life a bit easier. Instead of having to exit Nvivo completely and reopening it in order to see the file normally again, you can go to the bottom left where it says: "OPEN ITEMS" and just exit the image you are looking at. Then you can reopen the image and it should be back to normal.
  3. Hello! I noticed that the query search only lets me add options such as: "All of the following are true", or "any of the following are true". Is there any way to search where I have "any of the following are true" and "none of the following are true"? I would like to search for files that were coded with some nodes but without certain other nodes. Thanks! Gina
  4. Also, I just checked with someone else who will be helping me with this project. She also has a mac and the image gets cropped, even when dragging the 'region/content' thing out of the way.
  5. Hello! Just saw this. I checked and I do have the updated version. I also have a new mac, from Sep 2020 (not sure if that would make a difference). Sometimes the trackpad works. But more often than not, it doesn't. However, like I mentioned, when I manually zoom in and out nothing gets cut. I'm attaching a sample of what it looks like (3 pictures, one before and two after). When I zoom out, a lot of the info gets cut. When I zoom back in, some of it comes back, but I cannot scroll to see everything. Thanks, Gina Edit: With pdf's I don't have any issues. But it
  6. When I zoom in on images in Mac (using my trackpad, not the zoom in button), I cannot zoom out back to the original image. It's as though the image was cropped by using my trackpad. I need to exit Nvivo and reopen it in order to see it like normal. Is this a common issue? I was looking everywhere for some button to help me but couldn't find it.
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