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  1. Dear all,


    I am currently trying to compare the codes from Coder A and Coder B in a merged project for all files that have been subject to coding. 

    Before the large NVivo update earlier this year, I remember this to be quite simple. 

    What I need is a list with all codes and their respective agreement/disagreement (+Kappa coeff.) across all files.

    However, what the coding comparison query produces is a list of individual entries of each single code for every single document. This not only mostly turns out agreements as 0% or 100% most of the time, but this list now contains thousands of entries. 

    The coding comparison query menu only features a limited amount of settings. Can anyone tell me what I might be doing wrong?


    Thank you for the help!

    Best regards,



  2. Dear community,

    I just encountered a strange phenomenon when trying to merge to projects from our group. We all use Version 1.4.1 (851).

    The files in the projects merge fine, no problem here.

    The code names, properties, colors and hierarchies are identical. However, they all get doubled [-> (2)]. I also tested adding a new (identical) testcode to each project and merge it -> same result. 

    Now, here is why I think a bug might be part of the problem: One coder used the program with the German interface, the other used it with the English interface. However, the sections (blue side bar) do not all get translated when I use either version. Especially the section for the codes remains "Codes" for one project but "Kodes" for the other. And this is something I cannot edit. I tried changing the project properties as well as the program language multiple times, to no avail.

    Since the testcode also gets duplicated although it does not have any properties whatsoever, I tend to believe this difference in the letter K/C is the problem. Especially since the hierarchical names cannot be identical in that regard -> Codes\\XYZ vs. Kodes\\XYZ.

    After the merge, both the original and the imported duplicate have the hierarchical name starting with Codes\\XYZ, because "Kodes" technically does not exist. 


    Do you have any idea how to work around this issue? 


    Best regards,


    kodes codes.png

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