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  1. Dear Forum, I hope I am using this forum space correctly. Please let me know if this should be posted under questions? we have pictures of concept maps and have used the transcription facility to connect the research team's reflections on the segments to the map. we have then used annotations to connect the participants' reflections on their maps. We want to be able to display in a paper some examples of this, so that we would have figures that are of the maps with highlighted segments and with the researches' and participants' comments also displayed as part of those figures, p
  2. Dear Forum We would like to be able to host short NVivo videos to show case our project embedded in a website. We are thinking that in our paper it would be great to have a link to short videos that provide demonstrations, which would give a new dimension beyond 2-D figures. We are very new to this as so want to find out whether NVivo has a platform that would help make great videos or some other way of doing what we are aiming at. Also if such a platform exists how do we find out the technology requirements/compatibilities? We are not set on making videos if there is a better way.
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