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  1. Hi canarik, Thanks for your answer, but I probably have a different version? In text query I get four tabs on the right (not the top); the first is summary (which in theory should have a column with the similar words - you do get them for "word frequency"). The second tab is "reference"; in this one, the words are black instead of grey and it does show a few words FOUND that could be related to your search - not the easiest way of finding out which words were found in the text. It would be great to know which words did nvivo SEARCH for (even if it didn't find them), to try to understand the lo
  2. I am doing an initial text search about "gender" scrolling the find button to "with generalizations". However, the summary tab is not showing me which words has Nvivo decided to include in this search (columns include only "name", "in folder", "references" and "coverage"). I would like to get a list of words that Nvivo used but I have no idea where to find something like that...
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