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  1. Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, NVIVO does not let me copy and paste the information from the Dataset View. Is there a specific way to do this? I've pressed CTRL+A to select all, and then tried both CTRL+C and copy from the menu, but when I go to paste into Excel or Google Sheets (or even Word), nothing will paste. It's almost as if the NVIVO is not compatible with any other system. Do you have any suggestions? Regarding your second suggestion, when I query a question code with one of the thematic codes, I'm not able to see just the thematic codes listed by that question code.
  2. I am working on a dataset with 6 different columns (each an open-ended survey question). We are coding the responses by theme (node), such that a particular node can be applied to any of the columns. Each response is also coded with a corresponding question node. In other words, all responses to Q1 are coded with the node "Q1." We now want to look at a compilation of all responses coded at each thematic node AND have this compilation be separated by question. For instance, if the thematic node is "Fear," we want a list of all responses coded with the "Fear" node, but separated out by question.
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