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  1. Dear Canarik, thanks for your reply. One potential problem is the transcripts in question have already been coded by someone else - I'm importing their projects into my master file. Out of 30 transcripts containing over 100 participants, I've only had problems with two speakers. Autocoding worked perfectly with other speakers in the same two transcripts, and I can't understand how, if at all, those two participants' text is different. Will adding speaker columns to a transcript that has already been coded, mess up the coding? Any support you can offer is greatly appreciated. Best, Tara
  2. I've autocoded my focus group transcripts by participant name. In a few instances, the program finds the first instance of a name and then codes the remainder of the transcript (including all other speakers) with that name/code. In a few other instances, the next speaker's text is included. How do I resolve this problem?
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