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  1. Brilliant - thanks so much for your help, @canarik. Much appreciate.
  2. Hi @canarik, Many thanks for your reply and your help. I have followed the above and already have the class classifications - they were imported from Excel (using Nvivo 12, in case that helps at all). I have followed the instructions but I still can't seem to get the nodes showing the details on the references? What step am I missing? Do you happen to know if there is a video I can perhaps follow? The best I can get is to go to the Dataset view on the node and it shows the participant number and I can cross reference, but I'd really like to see the demographic info alongside the quote
  3. Hi, I fear this is a very basic question as I am a novice Nvivo user. I have my cases, with each participant response as an individual case. I have then coded them. When I go to codes, and double click I get the list of references. At the top of each one it says: Reference 1 - 0.01% Coverage, for example. Can I add participant info to this reference? I want to see participant number and perhaps some other demographic info here to situate the responses more when I view the coding. Is this possible? Many thanks, G.
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