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  1. Canarik, thank you very much for your response. In fact, I double checked and made sure that item 002 is coded with "Graduate-Technical". You can see it in the attachment (image 1), where the system has found the file 002 when I clicked/opened "Graduate-Technical" node. We can also see all coding strips there. Image 2. It is a cell view of corresponding nodes, you are right. But now I included coding strips as well, and we can see that item 002 is coded properly under "Graduate-Technical" based on coding strips. So, it looks like item 002 is coded properly as "Graduate-Technica
  2. Hello colleagues, I coded specific parts of each document as Node. Then I used matrix coding based on case classification, where all documents that contained Node were Coded as Class 1 or Class 2. As a result, I have two sets (new nodes): Node-Class 1 and Node- Class 2. All coding strips for every coded document correctly show that a node is coded as (Node and Node-Class) 1 or (Node and Node-Class 2). When I search for a text in Node, NVIVO finds files, that have a text. But when I search in Node-Class 1 or Node-Class 2 NVIVO does not find some files. Can somebody assist, becaus
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