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  1. I did some research because I could not believe your statement - 'this is a common industry standard that you can come across with every major CAQDAS in the market'. In fact, MAXQDA offers compatibility between Mac and PC and older and newer versions: 'Yes, you can open and work with the same MAXQDA project file on either Windows or Mac computers. Sharing your work with others and accessing your students’ or teammates’ project files is a vital part of your daily work. That’s why MAXQDA works with a universal project files – .mx18 (MAXQDA 2018) or .mx12 (MAXQDA 12) – which can be opened and edi
  2. Dear colleagues, I am amazed to hear that 'this is a common industry standard that you can come across with every major CAQDAS in the market'. Are you serious? If that is the case, this practice is scandalous and horribly exploitative. Not only is Nvivo an expensive piece of software, but it compels users to regularly upgrade the licence to work with students and research assistants that are given licences for new versions. My research institute asked me to assess Nvivo for our staff. I will strongly advise against purchasing your software. Best wishes
  3. Thanks for your quick reply. Could I check why is that? My university purchased a perpetual licence of Nvivo a couple of years and it cannot open projects from my students who use a newer licence. Is there a technical problem? Or are we just expected to keep upgrading your software every 1 or 2 years for S500 to open old and new documents? I would appreciate if you could shed light on Nvivo's policy regarding that matter. Thanks
  4. My student has created a Nvivo project on the newer Nvivo for Mac. I cannot open this project on my Nvivo 12, which my university purchased in 2019. Is there a way to open this file? I am not keen to spend over $500 to upgrade my Nvivo 12. How can it be that projects created on Mac and PC, and older and newer versions of Nvivo are not compatible? The files should be universal like .docx, .pdf, etc. Any suggestion is welcome. Thanks
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