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  1. Thanks @canarik. With the ‘Near’ ‘Proximity’ set to be ‘In Same Scope Item’, and, having set the ‘Selected Items…’ scope to be Cases, I was imagining that the scope for code intersections would be expanded to all files in a Case. Do you know if it is possible at all to do the type of crosstabulation I'm trying to achieve in NVivo? Or will I have to export my case-by-code data in a table and do the analysis in another tool?
  2. Dear Forum, I’m running Release 1 NVivo for Windows under Windows 10. Consider the following scenario. I have a project that has one case (CaseA) and two files (file1 and file2). Both files are 100% coded to the single case. I have 3 codes defined (Code1, Code2 and Code3). Three non-overlapping fragments of text in the files are coded to the three codes. Code 1 and Code 3 are coded to text in file1, and Code 2 is coded to text in file2, such that if I do a basic Matrix Coding Query of codes and cases (rows) against files (columns) I get: A : f
  3. Dear All, how're things? I have data relating to 80 individual Cases. Each case has a set of related quantitative and categorical data in a spreadsheet that I have imported as Case Classifications. Each case will have one or more PDF Files providing a narrative description related to the case. I will work through the PDF Files and code relevant (to me) themes (References) to a coding schema, creating Codes in NVivo. I would like to be able to cross-tabulate the results, including exploring the relationships between the Codes and the Case Classifications. The coded
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