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  1. Hi Canarik, I ran into trouble with your steps because of my large number of participants. It's impossible to select every single participant and attach them to the right case. Is there a way to do this all at once? I've tried a lot of different things (for example what I described in my response yesterday) but it's all not working out. Best wishes, FKS
  2. Hi, Heather, I think you are right but I'm not sure how to solve it. My data is confidential so I can't submit a support request. I hope I can get some help if I explain in detail what I have done so far to code my participants as cases (ID's). 1. I imported a classification sheet with ID and county (attribute). 2. I right-clicked on each of my three files (one file for each question) and said 'create as cases', the 'cases' were highlighted (not the individual cases but just the overarching group), and I said assign to classification: ID. 3. I clicked on 'cases' where I
  3. Good afternoon, I am aware others have asked this question before, but I have tried those suggestions and it has not worked so far. I'm still pretty new to NVivo so I might have done things incorrectly. Therefore I will try to explain my exact situation below. My project set up: Files: I have three files, they all contain the same participants (with ID) but every file focusses on a different survey question (file 1 about feelings, file 2 about relations, file 3 about school). So file 1 has one column of ID's and one column with answers to question 1 about feelings, file 2 has th
  4. Hi, Thank you for that! When I put in this proximity operator I do find references where happy and busy sit next to each other. But I also get references with only the word 'busy' in it. How do I make sure that that doesn't happen? Thanks very much.
  5. Good morning, I am trying to run a text search query with two words - I want to search for instances where they sit next to each other. I looked at a previous post (below) and tried the syntax: "happy" "busy" ~1. However the results that are returned only include the word busy. Using the NEAR option in Text Search Query - NVivo 12 for Windows and Older Versions - NVivo Community Forum (nvivobyqsr.com) Any advice on what I might be doing wrong? Thanks very much.
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