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  1. Figured it out. Search query for respective file, coded to any selected code or case, sentiment, mark all, uncode from.
  2. Hi, is there still no possibility to remove autocoded sentiments? They are showing up in my comparison diagrams and dilute the findings. Would anyone have recommendations to work this out? Is there a way to remove them from the diagrams in any case? Thanks a lot in acvance!
  3. Hi @canarik, thanks so much for your help and the swift response. That's a phenomenal workaround, problem solved! Best
  4. Good evening all, I have only recently startet coding with Nvivo, but searching this forum did not provide answers to the following: I am manually coding a large twitter sample (n=9.200), and decided not to progress after the first 4.600 tweets were coded. Is there any way to delete the remaining uncoded part of the sample, or a workaround to achieve a result that will not affect the analysis? Thanks a lot in advance for your help! Best regards J
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