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  1. Hi Canarik, I have been keen to get this feature for about 5 years, and have asked previously. What are the chances of it getting followed up, it would be a very useful feature? Cheers Patrick
  2. Hi there, I have used NVivo for a number of years, and understand that it works differently than allocating tags to text. However, I have a client who wants to align and coded NVivo project with tags. I have thought that a report which effectively can export coded comments from a spreadsheet and then have effectively the coding stripes identified in aligned columns would be a way to replicate this. Is this possible? or can you suggest the best report to replicate this? Also, is it yet possible to export a report which includes the ID of a survey respondent aligned to specif
  3. Hi, I have an assignment to analyse responses to 100s of individual statements, what is the maximum number of columns I can import in one spreadsheet at one time? Cheers Patrick
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