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  1. NVivo 11 will not open after being reinstalled following a computer crash. All data files were recovered. Will the free node coding on my data files migrate to N 12 without N 11 installed or when N 11 will not open directly?
  2. I had the same problem of N 11 not opening after downloading the program to rebuild my computer following a crash. All data files were saved. Tried opening "Sample Project" without success. Provided QSR my zipped crash information file but did not receive a response regarding the cause of the problem(s). 30 September: downloaded replacement N 11 13 October: forwarded crash information to QSR-- NO Response 15 October: QSR representative closed out customer request Case number: 00637309 Contact Support Case Follow up [ ref:_00D2820aRK._5000I1nEvOT:ref ]
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