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  1. Riowell: I, too, am an historian using NVivo for my work with 1500 documents (letters) relating to the family of Thomas Jefferson. In 2005, I completed a university class, a 3-day workshop with Kristi Jackson, and written one seminar paper, all using NVivo 2. I am now beginning more focused work on my disseration with NVivo 7, but still consider myself a "novice" in comparison to the what I read on the Forum from experienced social science researchers. However, I firmly believe the software has tremendous potential for advancing historical research practice with its capacity for managing d
  2. Hi Janine: It is so exciting to find someone else approaching historical research in a similar fashion. I, too, am mulling how to deal with integrating literature review with the letters. One approach being considered is to hyperlink with the many electronic journal articles I have collected over my graduate studies. I have experiemented some but am concerned it will become too cumbersome (slow). Another way that would not yield immediate quotes might be to hyperlink to an EndNote bibliography that would at least provide a footnote which could be elaborated at the drafting stage. Anot
  3. I am writing a history dissertation using NVivo to code some 1400 documents (letters), somewhat to the consternation of my Cmt. I am interested in locating other reseachers who might be doing similar work; for example, constructing a topical narrative such as "gardening" across time; or ordering documents chronologically.
  4. I am analyzing a set of letters and it is important in reports to maintain the chronological order of the text to capture the "conversation." Is this best done with (1) a numberic file name; (2) an attribute; or what? Thanks
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