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  1. You can put annotations and See Also Links (and anything else) in the Quick Access Toolbar and then just click on it wherever you are to turn it off.
  2. Hi there, As a trainer I get asked this as well. The two-way "see also" link would be very useful, although I believe there is a bit of a workaround, just repeating it in each direction. On a related note however, the single question I get asked more than any other is why memos can only be linked to one item. I tell people that the developers probably thought that an additional link would just mean creating an additional memo. But it appears that many people would like to see the possibility of linking one memo to multiple sources. I suggest using a "see also" link within the memo as a workaround, but obviously having multiple links to the memo itself would solve the problem and provide the flexibility that many seem to need.
  3. Hello all, I'm consistently getting an error message when I attempt to print out a transcript for an audio file. The file itself works perfectly, scrolling with the audio, but whenever I try to print it out with the coding stripes I get a Print Error message that says "Length cannot be less than zero." Printing out the transcript alone is no problem. Any suggestions as to what's happening? Thanks.
  4. Hello all, I'm switching to a Mac at some point but obviously need to run NVivo under Windows 7. Does anyone have any thoughts on Parallels versus Boot Camp? I know that the latter will be faster, I'm wondering how much of an issue it is for running NVivo software. Many thanks for any feedback.
  5. I think this is an interesting issue - it's one I've heard before - hope the developers are listening.
  6. Hello all, I'm unclear about the performance options under Tools --> Options --> General --> Performance At what point does a "small" project become "large"? And while we're in that area, what does "enable plain text" mean and the "size of node." I can't find help for any of these items...perhaps I'm looking in the wrong place. So thanks for any advice anyone can give me.
  7. Hi there, In science, when something is done "in vitro" (in glass) it means in the test tube, simulated, as in a laboratory. When something is done "in vivo" it means it's done in real life, as perhaps in an animal model. In qualitative research (not usually done in a test tube!), the term generally means that you are using the actual wording of your informants, rather than creating a code that represents what it is they're saying. So the program allows for "in vivo" codes which means it just names them the way they are highlighted, much as Microsoft Word defaults to the first line of your document to create a title. So NVivo is a little play on the words "in vivo". Now you know!
  8. I was told it was a bug in the system - I think it's on Australian time!
  9. I have had similar problems, particularly when I exported to Microsoft Word and used two-sided printing - the second page was consistently cut off at the bottom. What I have discovered is that if you save it as pdf which is an option when you export, you get proper results. This is a workaround I suggest. Perhaps the problem is caused by Crystal Reports, the third party software that is used to generate reports. Hope this helps.
  10. Using web pages is a two step process - you need to import it into Microsoft Word (to create a .doc file) and then you can import it into NVivo which doesn't read HTML, just .doc and .rtf and .txt files. Depending on the frame arrangement you may not get the same results as the original web page. You can also do a screen capture with the Print Screen (PrtSc) button, but you will lose resolution. Good luck!
  11. Hi folks, The Glossary in my help file appears blank (Contents Index Search Glossary - the first three are fine). Is there something in there that my software didn't install properly? I can't seem to find out what is supposed to be in there. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for the reply - looks like we have to experiment a bit - this came up because another person in my research group thought the same thing was happening to her. In terms of typing things in, it was Lyn Richards who told me at her workshop that you had to use the software to create the query, but again, maybe we should experiment. Regards.
  13. Hi folks, Has anyone encountered problems with the Boolean operators in the text and other searches? Several of us were experimenting today and thought that perhaps the AND and OR were reversed, or at least working in the same way, i.e. both produce the same output. Perhaps we weren't entering the string properly, but I did use the dialogue box to enter the operators, since I've been told typing it in doesn't work, but the output appeared odd. Anyone using this regularly? Thanks.
  14. In NVivo you can only link a memo to one source. Also you cannot link a memo to another memo. It's not entirely clear to me why this restriction is the case but it's clear in the help file if you look under linking memos. I think perhaps it's the way theorists use memos, i.e. to build up concepts that are discrete and linked to one item in the data. Of course not everyone works this way, but it's a restriction in the software.
  15. Me again, solved my own problem. I have two browsers, one needs to be set as the "default" - just in case this affects anyone else using multiple browsers.
  16. Hi folks, I'm having a problem creating a hyperlink to a web page. I go through the procedure but it's not opening either the browser or the page, just an error saying it can't read the file extension. This process was a cinch in the previous version of NVivo but I can't seem to get it working in the new version. Any help would be appreciated. Regards.
  17. Hi all, I've had a similar problem and assumed it was because I hadn't created cases in the previous version (i.e. NVivo 2). It's my understanding that in order to use attributes you must also be using cases in the current version of NVivo. Anyone want to clarify things further? Thanks.
  18. Hello everyone, Has anyone used the compact and repair option? I've never been able to get it to work, I always get an error message. The program help files suggest using it every so often to improve performance, I'm just wondering whether anyone is doing this trouble-free. Thanks.
  19. Hi everyone, Am I correct in assuming that modifications to the existing headings need to be made before anything is placed into the project? I know that headings relate to coding and so I'm assuming that the program does not allow any modifications once files are in place. I'd like to take advantage of the many colours available in the program and also the variety of fonts and so on, but it appears to me that all those decisions need to be made before any data goes in and cannot be changed once the project is underway. Any thoughts on this? Thanks.
  20. Hi everyone, I downloaded and began using NVivo7 (I have also purchased it) and was very impressed with the interface and the obvious enhancements. Very nice upgrade. However, I think there are resource issues and I'd like to hear what others think. I have a 2 Gig processor and 512 k of memory and am running Windows XP Pro but I still encounter resource issues. My initial impression is that the program is massive, it seemed to take forever to download even on broadband, it changed quite a few things within my computer, and then it promptly crashed over and over. I have come to the conclusion that the program doesn't work well with other heavy-use applications running simultaneously, such as Office 2003. I like to do some of my work in Word because of the spell checker and then paste it into NVivo afterwards but this slows things down. So my suggestion is to make sure you are properly powered in terms of your hardware and shut down other programs while working. I did get one odd error message where the program told me to retry after 5 minutes, not sure what that was all about. So I'm still impressed, but would appreciate some discussion on any problems people have encountered with this new software.
  21. I need some advice about copying text that has been coded. I am working on a team and we all want to get together and re-code, verify, and compare coding that I have already done on my own. I want to preserve my original coding, so my question is this: can I just copy a file, create a new one, remove the coding and start over? I know that coding follows the text, I’m worried about losing my original coding. When I practice in the tutorial the original seems to stay unaltered, but I need to make sure before I lose months of work. Thanks!
  22. Hi everyone, I'm not really expecting a solution here, just wondering whether others are experiencing problems with Word 2003 and NVivo. I like to keep the word processor open to take advantage of the spell checker and then paste things into NVivo, but I consistently crash it (Microsoft Word, not NVivo). I thought it might be my software/system but a colleague of mine runs into the same issue. She thought it might be a memory problem - I run XP Pro with 512 k memory. Is anyone else experiencing this? Thanks.
  23. I have an incorrect value for an attribute and am having trouble deleting it. It is not associated with anything and I suppose it won't ever appear, but because I'm a bit compulsive I'd like it out of the list. Any help on this? Thanks. gkrueger@telus.net
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