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  1. I'm using NVIVO 10. I just watched the webinar on using Endnote with NVIVO. Importing PDF's of references from Endnote into a particular project file has two HUGE space-related problems: 1) It inflates the size of the project file, thereby slowing down the operating speed of NVIVO. 2) Since I use many references in several projects, I wind up having to store the same PDF in several different NVIVO project files, thereby gobbling up my hard drive. Is it possible (or could you make it possible in a future version) for NVIVO to somehow search and operate on pdf's that exist in an external file on the same hard drive on which the NVIVO project resides? I, personally, have a Downloaded References folder on my hard drive, to which Endnote links for the references I enter. Could NVIVO be set up to link to and then work with the pdf's in this same hard drive folder -- which will remain external to every one of my NVIVO projects? Thanks!
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    Annotations and comments

    I HEARTILY AGREE ABOUT THE VALUE OF IMPORTING MSWORD COMMENTS as annotations. This deletion of comments is one factor that has prevented me from importing several projects into NVivo -- because I don't want to have to re-enter each comment as an annotation.