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    I have a query regarding the directionality of arrows between parent and child nodes in NVivo models. Are there any conventions or protocols around this? Thanks.
  2. Hampson


    Thanks Mohammed -just wanted to be sure I hadn't missed a functionality there. Marg
  3. I have created a model and would like the size of the component shapes in the model to accurately reflect the relative density of coding of each node. So far I have labelled the connector lines with the number of references in each node, but was wondering whether there is any way to adjust the relative size of shapes in the model to accurately reflect the coding density of each node e.g. a node with higher coding density would look larger in the model than one that contains less coding (apart from manually approximating the size of each node/shape relative to others). Thanks Marg
  4. Thanks Brett. I am needing to incorporate my tree map into an electronic document for publication purposes so assume I would need to first print out the tree map (in black and white) and then scan it into the electronic document. A lot of professional publications require black and white diagrams so it may be something to look at for future enhancements. Marg
  5. I have a similar problem to Austin. I have undocked my tree map but the node names are still chopped off, and I can't see a way around it because of the relatively small size of some of the boxes. Unless I perhaps omitted the smaller size nodes from the analysis? Also, for publication purposes black and white is required and I notice that it there is no black option available for colouring nodes. Any advise to maximise the quality of my tree maps for purposes of publication would be much appreciated.
  6. Hampson

    Source document word search function

    Hi Marcus During the course of coding a document, I sometimes want to find a particular word or phrase in another source document. Is there a simple way of searching for a word or phrase in an identified source document without having to do a full text search? What I need is a quick method to type the word I am looking for and the target document in the search bar and it would bring up the relevant portion of text in the target source document with the relevant word highlighted. Maybe this functionality already exists but it would be good to have a really quick and user-friendly way of doing this. Thanks Marg
  7. It would be great if one wanted to locate a particular section of text from among multiple imported documents, if one could type in the key word or phrase and the relevant sources were identified and search words highlighted.This would save time trawling through multiple documents to find a particular source that one was looking for and could also be used as a check to make sure that all references to a particular idea/theme have been appropriately coded.