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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, my university teacher bought a license of NVivo 10 in October 2014. Unfortunately, he lost a Pc in which the software was installed. How is possible to transfer the license to another machine? Is it possible to disactivate the license? Thanks Andrea D.
  2. Right now I’m working on a project for a professor. I uploaded 16 documents/ uncoded transcripts (labeled #1 - #16) to NVivo10 and there are 3 parent nodes that I created: A, B, C. Then I created child nodes for each subcategory of A, B, and C. For each document, I highlighted the text and then assigned it to each of the subcategory. Is there a way to use NVivo to classify how many As, Bs, and Cs ( referring to references, not sources) are there for each document?
  3. Hi there, I just wondered if there was a simple way of removing the 'shadows' under each connector on a model (node tree) in NVivo 10? Any help would be very much appreciated. Many thanks, Liz
  4. Hi, I have a dataset with one column and many rows. Each field (or cell) in the dataset contains text that is being coded by two people. I have read the manual and see how to run the comparison query. This apparently compares the nodes based on the number of characters that are selected and added into each node. Instead, I just want to know whether a cell contains any text that has been coded to a node by coder 1 and then compare that to coder 2. In other words, I don't care about the exact text highlighted and added to a node, I just want to know if the field contains any text coded to the node or not, and then compare those. This is hard to explain in writing, but hopefully it makes some sense. Thanks for the help! ___________ Example: Each row of the single column of the dataset represents a survey response. Two coders code are coding for whether the survey response is generally positive or generally negative. I want to see the agreement between coding for positive and negative at the level of the review, not by the exact text selected and coded into the node.
  5. Hi, I have been trying, in NVivo10, to export a model to SVG so I can alter and adapt it in Adobe Illustrator. However, whenever I try to export the models to SVG, an error message comes up that says, "Model [name of model] failed to export". No addition information is given. I tried to make the model 'static', close & re-opened Nvivo. Are there any known issues with SVG export? Are there features that trigger this bug that could be eliminated or changed in model? Any other tips for successful export? Thanks for any advice you can give. - Colin
  6. Hello, My videos are in mpeg-2 codec (recorded on a Sony digital handycam). The videos play back fine in Windows Media Player with good audio. No apparent problem during the Nvivo import process. However, in Nvivo10 there is no audio playback (video is fine). The waveform shows audio is present. I've checked hardware and software volume and mute controls to ensure I've not muted the audio. Any help with this greatly appreciated. Kris