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Found 8 results

  1. I am running a team project in which some of the people coding the data use Macintosh machines, but the main database has to be in NVivo Plus for Windows (so we can machine-code the data). The University has a site licence for NVivo Pro. Do I have any options for running the project other than installing a Windows virtual machine on each of the Mac's?
  2. Hello, When I export a word cloud from NVivo for Mac (v. 11.4.3) it doesn't export the entire word cloud. The lower 1/2 of the word cloud is cut off during the export process. I've tried exporting as PNG, JPG, and TIFF with the same results. The attached file demonstrates what is occurring. Not sure what I'm doing incorrectly here. I've come up with a workaround by printing to a PDF file but it would be nice to have the capability to utilize the smaller jpeg files in my dissertation. Respectfully, Shaun Hillis macOS High Sierra (v. 10.13.3) NVivo for Mac (v. 11.4.3)
  3. Hi there, I would like to use coding stripes, whilst coding my data in Nvivo for mac. However, when I click into the coding stripes section all of the options such as 'all nodes coding' cannot be selected (see attached print screen). Why is this and what do I do to change it. When I look at tutorials they simply suggest to select these and they will show up. Thanks.
  4. I have recently upgraded a project from Nvivo 10 for Mac to 11. After opening the project, I found that one of my heavily coded internal documents now shows a total of 0 nodes/ stripes. As I am in institutional uses, I am unable to use my now expired key with NVIVO 10, though I have the original .nvpx file. Is there any way to open my original file without upgrading to explore why my coding has disappeared? What might have caused this and how might i recover my coding? Thanks.
  5. Hello, I'm a recent convert to Nvivo for Mac from the Windows version (run on Parallels). I am working with a project that was created in the Windows version, with source files uploaded in .doc format. I've converted it to a Mac project and am now having issues when I try to selecting multiple paragraphs of text at once to apply a code. I'm not sure how to clearly describe the issue, so I've put examples in the attached PDF (I tried inserting them in the body of this post but wasn't able to get it to work). Is there anything I can do about this? I have over 400 transcripts, so I'm really hoping there is a solution other than going back to the original .doc files and re-uploading them into Nvivo or returning to using the Windows version with Parallels. Thank you kindly for your help, Elizabeth text selection problems - example.pdf
  6. Hi, I have coded numerous documents (PDFs and Word) and have had great success with coding stripes. I'm currently coding transcripts, and when I select "show nodes recently coding," nothing happens. Usually the coding stripes will show up alongside the item I'm coding, but in transcripts, this does not work. The current transcript was created in Nvivo (not imported), but even imported transcripts don't show coding stripes either. I can see that items have been coded based on the numbers indicated in the "sources" and "references" columns in Nodes. I can't find anything about coding stripes not showing up beside transcripts in the help guide, so I hope someone here will have a solution. Thanks!
  7. Hi, I have a student licence for NVivo for Mac. Today when I opened the program, I got a message that an update to version 10.1 was available. I downloaded the .dmg file and it installed fine on my computer, replacing the older version (10.0.4). The program also opened apparently without any problem, but then when I tried to open my Ph.D Project that I had created in the older version, the program crashed. I have tried reinstalling the program 3 times, and each time the same problem happens. I have restarted my computer, but nothing, the problem persists. Please HELP. I can't work because I cannot access my data. Maria
  8. Hi, I have a relatively big size (about 2 GB) Nvivo for Windows project file. However, when I try to save as a Nvivo for Mac file, conversion process interrupted by an error saying "column 'Source_Item_id' does not belong to its table". I could not figure out how to solve this issue. Any help will be much appreciated. Project Conversion Error Log.txt
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