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Found 1 result

  1. As being a qualitative research professor and Nvivo trainer, I am quite happy with the recent improvements of Nvivo visualization tools, especially with the transformation of tree maps into hierarchy charts. However, I do believe that visualization tools will become more efficient with some additional changes. Below I will try to explain my suggestions: 1) Y-axis options: While creating charts we can select what to display on the Y-axis such as number of coding references, percentage coverage, etc. However, in some situations we need to display the percentage of coding references in order to show among the top 20 codes in that source how frequent is each by percentage. For example, this graph shows us the number of coding references (20 most used codes) in Maria and Daniel's interview. It would be a better chart tool if we can choose to display number of coding references by percentage. In this way we can see the code policy management comprises % 3.9 of top 20 coding, which I believe is a more robust way of showing the pattern or importance comparing with the its frequency. 2) Pie chart: With the current version it is not possible to convert above column chart into a pie or 3D pie chart. I think it would be great to have such an option. 3) Labelling limitations: This is the most important limitation of chart and hierarchy chart tools which significantly reduces the reporting capacity of these tools. In order to give more details, when we convert above chart in to a 3D column it is not possible to add data labels and we lost all coloring. Similarly, even we knew that the relative size of the each box in hierarchy chart represents the frequency of each node, it is not possible to add data labels that display the selected information such as number of coding references or percentage coverage (the only way we can see such information is to hover on our mouse pointer). Moreover, I would love to be able to edit not only title of the charts but also add/edit axis labels, footnotes, annotations. 4) Since it is possible to change coloring scheme of visualization tools into item colors, being able to assign colors to project items is important. However, current version is limited to 7 different colors. I think it would be better to choose colors from the Windows color pane which will allow us to be able assign virtually hundreds of different colors for each item in our project. I also welcome additional suggessions from other Nvivo users regarding this topic. I hope this would help to make Nvivo a more efficient research tool. Best,
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