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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all! I'm new here and quite new to Nvivo as well. Over the past couple of week I have been working at coding interviews according to a well established coding tree. I now need to create framework matrices with interviews in the rows and themes and sub-theme as columns. In order to do I need to create case nodes for each of the interview. However, when I do there is no trace of the coding I have done on the interviews. In the case nodes the appeared to have only one code and one reference. The procedure I used to create case nodes for each interview was: -when in 'source' - 'internals' -selected the relevant documents- right click on the mouse -'create as' -'create as casee' Does anyone know what I could possibly do wrong and how I can fix the issue? How can I produce the matrices without coding everything from the start? Many thanks for any advice you may provide
  2. I'm hoping someone might be able to help me with a database set-up issue in Nvivo. I've been looking around for answers but as yet had no luck. I'm working on a project that analyses a collection of c. 400 conversation transcripts relating to 50 participants. I have imported the conversations as sources and created a source classification for them - importing a classification sheet with attributes including the participants' active within each conversation (in three separate columns to allow for multiple participants). I have also created a case node for each participant and a classification based on another imported sheet. My issue is that I cannot find away to efficiently group/link/connect the sources to relevant participant. I notice in the user guide that one of the functions of case nodes is to "group multiple sources that relate to the same entity — for example, code an interview transcript, survey responses and follow-up correspondence to the same person", however, I can't find any further information on this within the guide. If anyone has any advice on how I might do this, preferably without manually coding each source to its relevant case nodes, I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance, Adam
  3. I am in the process of creating case nodes and trying to figure out the best way to structure them. Within NVivo 10, would it make sense to create a person case node as a sub node / child node of a project case node. So the project would be the ultimate unit of analysis, and the person or interviewee would fall under the project. We do have some instances where we have two different people talking about the same project. When we run queries, and ask for information about the project will it return all the data that falls within the sub nodes or child nodes?
  4. Hi, I have set up a classification sheet with attributes for my survey data. However, to make classifications viable, I need to link the source data to the case nodes or respondents. The only way i know to do this is manually, like illustrated here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2_Fkienpac Is there a way to complete this process automatically? I have so many records and would really like to do this more efficiently. Corine
  5. Hi all, I’m a beginner with NVivo, and over the past couple of weeks I’ve been working at coding a large amount of survey data. The dataset is large, as I’m working with 7,200 respondents, but I’ve divided responses according to question to make things a little simpler. I’ve been having experiencing some problems related to classification sheets and case nodes, and how they interact with the data. I’ve also been having a lot of trouble trying to run matrix coding and group coding queries according to population attributes. Here’s what I’ve done so far: I’ve imported a dataset containing responses to one of the questions, respondent IDs, as well as demographic information (within a single dataset). After that was done, I coded the responses. I noticed that NVivo automatically creates case nodes, classifications, and attributes based on the information you upload. I thought that since NVivo had already done this, I would be in the clear. I should also say that I’ve checked to make sure that cases are tied to attributes by opening the “case properties” info, and they look like they’re connected. Here’s the problem: I’ve tried to use matrix and group queries according to demographic attribute (e.g. how many people from “X” geographic area are represented in the “Baseball” node, for instance), but the queries always come up empty when I try to input anything specific to case nodes or attributes. I checked, and none of the case nodes contain references, so that’s probably why. At this point, I’m not sure if I’ve done something wrong in terms of coding, or in arranging case nodes/attributes. Just to be sure I started a new project, autocoded the answers, and manually uploaded case nodes from excel sheets, as well as classification sheets, and I had a similar problem. I assumed that when you code, NVivo would automatically tie your codes with the case node/attribute that are connected to them. Could anyone tell me where I could have gone wrong? I’d also really appreciate more information about case nodes/attributes/classification sheets and how to upload them so that all information is tied together properly. Thanks, RandomUser
  6. mary2015

    case nodes

    Dear QSR, A few basic questions about case nodes, thanks in advance. 1- After creating case nodes, say for participants, do you code in case nodes or do you code in "internals" where you have the interview? 2- Would it be ok to create the case nodes after finishing coding (in internal) ? 3- Assuming that you create case nodes and code in internals, if you delete the case nodes, would you lose any data? can you create the case nodes again right after you finish all your codings if for some reason you deleted the previous case nodes? Thanks so much and i really appreciate your quick response.
  7. Can anyone help? I would be really grateful .. What I want: Case nodes which include both the source PDF and the linked memo (i.e. when you open the case node, both pdf and memo source appear in the summary). I have done this in a previous project, but can not figure out how to do it again, or whether the programme has changed since I used it. What I have done: 1. I imported publications in PDF format (into sources) from zotero. I selected to create memos from the abstract of the publication. These are linked to the PDF sources. 2. The sources and memos are linked (where applicable), have the same names as their PDF sources (with "imported notes" appended) and are classified in the same way. 3. I then selected all my sources and “created as case nodes” Problem: 1. In my previous nvivo project, I can open the case node and view both the PDF and the memo under the summary tab. This is how I want it. 2. In my current document, only the PDF is coded to the case node and therefore viewable under the summary tab – even though the memo is linked How can I code all the memos to the appropriate case nodes without having to do this manually for each one? (I thought this was done automatically when I did this previously, but maybe I have forgotten something)
  8. From a newbie. I am just beginning my data analysis. I am using the & NVIVO 9 help to get going. I have interviewed teachers as part of my research and have set up a node classification called teachers to collect demographic data. I am importing my sources as internals and coding the source as a node on the fly during the import process, as the tutorial suggests. For example, I have a source called John (his transcript) and I also have a node called John that contains the text from the transcript. My question is, to begin coding the data in the transcript under theme nodes, do I select text from the source document and then code selection; or, do I select text from the node and then code selection. Or does NVivo see this as two ways of doing the same thing. I am not sure of the implications further down the track as I start to extract data from NVivo. Debra.