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Found 6 results

  1. I'm having challenges importing a classification sheet. I have one that works, but I want to update it. I've tried the updating option, but it leads to garbage columns (some, sometimes all). I have managed to update a second sheet, updated, with the name PERSON after changing the name of the original classification sheet. When I try to run a query with the newer sheet, it comes up empty. Is it possible to have 2 sheets that I can selectively draw from? How do I link the second sheet to the cases, which does not seem to have happened? (I did not set up the project architecture, someone else did). Thanks
  2. I have NVivo 11.4.0 installed on my Macbook Air and I am having trouble with cases and classifications. Every step has been followed to a. create cases, b. create a case classification, c. set attribute values, and d. assign cases to the classification created. Upon following this process, I am not able to see the cases (that represent interview respondents) in the case classification sheet. I am only able to see the attributes I created. Any thoughts as to what the problem could be?
  3. I am thinking about using the Mac version and working with survey data. If I can’t import an Excel spreadsheet as a classification sheet in NVivo for Mac, can I import it as a dataset and use autocode and 'classify a dataset at cases for each value in a column' to create the classification sheet? Will this give the same capacity to run queries (especially coding and matrix queries) as the windows version?
  4. Hi I am very new to the Forum but I hope someone can assist - I have successfully imported a large data set from Survey Monkey and have coded this thematically, I had to do this before the survey was closed as the team had to show the preliminary findings. Is it possible to import the new surveys to this existing dataset and add the node classification sheet to the existing classification sheet ? The initial data was approximately 117 surveys and now there are now 198 so I basically want to be able to code and query across all 198 surveys. I am thinking I will need to import all the surveys again but hoping there is an alternative. Sarah
  5. Hi, I recently imported a classification sheet (in Excel format) using the "import classification sheet wizard" and the "source" option. The Excel classification sheet seems to have successfully imported, but in the import process, NVIVO changed the order of the original columns in classification sheet. Is there any way to change the order of the columns in NVIVO back to the original order that exists in my original Excel classification sheet? Thanks for your suggestions. Matthew
  6. Hi, I wanted to see if I could get some help with importing a classification sheet for a project I'm doing. Every time I go to import the classification sheet it doesn't map onto the sources (internals) as it should, it just creates blank entries for the sources I have and duplicate entries for the classification sheet that I've imported (so that each source will appear twice in the classification sheet - once blank and once with the data in it). The internals are audio files with the transcripts mapped on timestamps, or word documents. I've already checked that they're labelled the same so that can't be the problem. Can anyone help? I'm running Windows XP, NVivo 9. Thanks, Marissa