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Found 3 results

  1. Is there a way to auto-code using an excel spreadsheet? We have around 100+ interviews which need to be connected with two different classifications of nodes- a person node and a place of work node. (for example the interview with Steve Jobs needs to be coded to both the Steve Jobs node and the Apple node) Is there a more efficient way to code these structures other that individually coding each entire source to its two corresponding nodes? For example, would it be possible to create an excel spreadsheet with three columns: one for the source to be coded, the second with the corresponding person node, and the third with the corresponding place of work node and then somehow upload this? Alternatively is there a feature of auto-code that might allow this? Thanks in advance! L
  2. Hi all, I'm fairly new to NVivo and am using it to help me organise articles in a systematic review. I decided to code each source on a number of characteristics (rather than creating classifications- potentially wrong decision but I can change that next time). It would be great if I could now run matrix coding queries to identify the sources that have been coded at multiple nodes. That said, when I coded each source, in many cases the content of each article was automatically coded to the node as well, so for each source coded at a node there are up to 20 references. Therefore, when I run a coding query I get a whole heap of text. I have run reports to identify sources coded at each individual node. Is there a way I can do something similar to get a list of sources coded at multiple nodes? I hope this makes sense. I feel like i'm speaking another language! Many thanks in advance, Kari
  3. Hi, I have ten 'Sources' in my file, yet only three appear to be coded (even though all have been), yet in the 'Nodes' screen, it seems that all the Sources that I have coded do correctly show. I would like to analyse both Sources and Nodes in NVivo - do you know what I could do about this? Many thanks in advance, Jenny
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