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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I am using Nvivo Plus (64 bit) with license on Windows 10 Pro 64 bit build 19042.630. When I open Nodes and click any one of the nodes to see what have I coding just now, then the software will crash and exit. I have try repair the program and try repair the nvivo project file also not use, every nvivo project file now cannot double click the Nodes. Please help, this is urgent as I cannot open any file now, I have raise many email to support but no respond at all until now. The error message is Error Message: The top/bottom margins overlap
  2. Nvivo 64-bit crashed several times here and after the event I realised I hadn't seen any autosave pop-ups for hours, so I just lost work as a result. I wasn't doing anything particularly demanding when the crashes occurred, and autosave has always been set to 15 minutes. I am attaching the crashinfo file here. I must say I was fuming when I realised what happened and I have much less confidence in the stability of the product now. Quite simply, we can't afford crashes in the middle of big volumes of analysis. Whatever error happens, the application must be able to handle it.
  3. I opened up a model I made yesterday and every time I delete an object, such as a connecting arrow or a shape, the whole program crashes! I don't recall having this problem when I first made the model. Also while I have nodes in my model, the shapes/items I am adjusting are not nodes, they are shapes I've put in. I searched the forums but couldn't find any similar problem. Does anyone know why this is happening? I can't continue my analysis in Nvivo if it keeps crashing every few seconds! Version is 32 bit if relevant. Regards
  4. In nvivo 9, I imported the other coder's project into my project to run an initial coding comparison query. Both our coding was on two transcripts and I selected either coding a family node and then just coding a child node. Each time Nvivo crashes without running the query. Since this project is in its early stage of coding, I need to make sure as the file grows that I can run a coding comparison query at any size. thanks!
  5. Hello, Last Thursday one of our researchers was logged into our NVivo project by remote connection. He was coding and saving his work constantly. NVivo stopped responding and then closed automatically. And the file was not saved with the updated version of his work for that day. His words: " When I tried to re-open the file on the network, a dialog box appeared saying a newer version of the file on the temporary folder was available (or something similar I don't remember the exact words) and asked me if I wanted to save that version. I clicked the 'yes' button and I was able to recover
  6. Large project in progress. Many transcribed interviews and currently 2000 nodes! Applied all the optimisation tricks. Upgraded to Windows 10. Increased RAM to 12GB. Occurs on different computer. Basically when I copy and merge nodes (as part of sorting), randomly NVivo10 will stop responding. Sometimes this is with just a couple of small nodes being merged. When NVivo fails/crashes/lags for me, CPU and Memory usage still seem low. Recent error code also included. Anyone else encountered this? Mathew Version = 10.0.638.0 Exception = System.InvalidOperationException Mess
  7. Dear all, When trying to open a file that was covered from pc to mac, my Nvivo systematically crashes. Can you please advise how to fix this problem? I attached the crash report that is generated. Kind regards Frederik Crash report Nvivo.docx
  8. Hi, I have a student licence for NVivo for Mac. Today when I opened the program, I got a message that an update to version 10.1 was available. I downloaded the .dmg file and it installed fine on my computer, replacing the older version (10.0.4). The program also opened apparently without any problem, but then when I tried to open my Ph.D Project that I had created in the older version, the program crashed. I have tried reinstalling the program 3 times, and each time the same problem happens. I have restarted my computer, but nothing, the problem persists. Please HELP. I can't work bec
  9. I run NVIVO on Windows XP through Parallels. After having NVIVO open for 10 days of work, and saving regularly, I re-boot my machine and shut down Parallels first. When I opened NVIVO again, it told me that a newer version of my file exists, do I want to use it instead. I said OK and it froze I had to close it and open again but it doesn’t give the option to recover the file anymore. Now I cannot access the recovered file and my backup only picks up the last version saved when NVIVO was closed. I found the tmp.nvp file and changed the name, but it says that the project could not be ope
  10. Hi everyone, I'm working on my master thesis in communication management. I made a content analysis of 948 Facebook posts, as pictures (each post in an own .pdf file), from 12 different Facebook users. Now here is my problem: I try to create a report "Coding summary by source report" to output all posts with the assigned codes/nodes as .html. After initiating the creation of the report, my PC starts to process until Nvivo10.exe & sqlservr.exe use nearly 2GB of memory. In this moment the creation of the report crashes (see the attached pictures). NVivo tells me to "reduce th
  11. Having spent periods of time coding and moving between machines, I find that I am 'lucky' when I can get the database to load. i have had problems with the sql server which has been reloaded a couple of times now I am getting bored and frustrated. Now work that I have been doing again will not load. yet the copy made half an hour previously will (without the flurry of coding) . The symptoms are: NVivo just shuts itself down, no warnings. It is random and you never know which version of the file will do this. it is always when you try to load a file. I am getting scared growing the proj
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