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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I have just got the new NVivo 12 and am trying to use the new types of queries. Am I correct in saying that you can only use two attributes for a crosstab query? I have a number of documents which each have 4 attributes. Each attribute has a choice of one,two,or three values. I have then coded some material in each of these documents. What I want to produce is something that looks exactly like my classification sheet, but with an added column which shows how many node / code references there are in a particular document. e.g. Attribute 1 Attribute 2 Attribute 3 Attribute 4 Node 1 number of references Document 1 Value Value Value Value 4 Document 2 Value Value Value Value 7 etc. This could then be filtered according to attributes to quickly see which type of document has the most references to that node. As far as I can see this is not possible. Could you please clarify? I managed to do this in NVivo 11 by doing a coding query and exporting to excel, then exporting the classification sheet to excel and merging them using a VLOOKUP. This wasn't ideal! Thanks Jenni
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