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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone, Many users take notes in reference management tools. If you would like to code your notes, you can set Nvivo to import abstracts, keywords and notes into linked memos while importing your bibliographical data. However, please keep in mind that If the existing files have linked memos and you choose to replace memo contents with abstract, keywords and notes, you will lose existing content in the memos. For further details please refer below: https://help-nv.qsrinternational.com/20/win/Content/files/reference-management.htm https://help-nv.qsrinternational.com/20/mac/Content/files/reference-management.htm Regards,
  2. Hello everyone, After completing your literature review in Nvivo you might want to export your bibliography to a reference management software such as Citavi, Zotero, Endnote, Mendeley. To do this please follow below steps: Select one or more file classifications or data files in the List View. In the Share tab Export menu, click Export Bibliography, then choose a reference management tool to export to. You can also change the name or location of the exported file as an option. Click Save. Regards,
  3. Hello everyone, In Nvivo you can export your bibliographic data from your reference management software, then import into Nvivo. Windows Export: Windows Import: Mac Export: Mac Import: Regards,
  4. I am using NVIVO 12 plus. previously i have used a version downloaded on my computer and had absolutely no issues exporting from endnote to nvivo. My university now has a web based version (app stream if that means anything to anybody). now when I try to transfer from endnote to Nvivo it wont bring across the PDFs. just puts them in externals. really annoying, I have tried everything i can think of and no luck. even managed to do what i wanted to do on someone elses PC version and then saved the project and tried to open it on my web version but then got the message that it couldnt open because the copy came from a later version. can anyone help??
  5. Hi Team, I have many references with both endnote bibliographic data and associated .pdfs. I have been trying to import both together through the Data/FromOtherSources/Endnote wizard, and I think I am following the instructions/set up correctly from here: http://help-nv11.qsrinternational.com/desktop/procedures/exchange_data_between_nvivo_and_reference_management_tools.htm?rhsearch=endnote&rhsyns=%20#Understand_how_files_associated_with_references_are_handled and here: http://help-nv11.qsrinternational.com/desktop/concepts/about_document_and_pdf_sources.htm. I have also checked the Endnote file location so these should be accessible but there's a possibility this is still not right. It is important to my research that the attributes from the bibliographic data are attached to the external reference as well as the pdf so I can see how the issues and arguments in the field have developed over time. Advice appreciated, I think/hope this is something simple I've missed as it looks like this is what the wizard is set up to do. Cheers, Elizabeth G P1 EN w Att Test.xml
  6. Hi Team, My second question for today is also about endnote - my bibliographic records are central to the design of my systematic literature review, which means that I need to set up each endnote reference as an individual case node in Nvivo and code/link other items about the same article to that case. This is partly because I need to export multiple versions of my data from Endnote to Nvivo to separate out the abstracts from other 'notes' and to identify individual authors etc. So my question is - where can I find the Endnote record number in Nvivo after import so that I can use it to create unique cases and code/auto-code to cases? I have checked the .txt/xls and .xml files that I can export from endnote and I can see that the record number is included in the export from endnote when the right filters are used for the export, but the record number seems to disappear in Nvivo post-import (see attached screenshot). Mysterious. Appreciate it if anyone can help me find these as I am sure I can make a work-around but it would be better to have a more reliable-repeatable process. Cheers, Elizabeth G
  7. Hi there, I'm working on a systematic review, and with Endnote material imported into NVivo for analysis. When Endnote material is imported the text of the abstract and bibliographic info is in Memos and these are linked to the source record in External sources. The coding was done to the external record and not to the text of the memo (although they are linked to that text) see attached screenshots. The issue now is that when we run coding queries they come up blank. I wonder if there is any fix for this. Is there a way to merge sources or copy coding do we just need to start over here. Any ideas would be most welcome! Thanks Sara
  8. Hi there, I'm using Nvivo 10 and Endnote on my Windows 7 I have brought in the majority of my library but I have a number of articles that I have found since... Is there a quick way to "sync" my Endnote with Nvivo? Or what is the quickest way to add these in?? Thanks Nati
  9. Hello I am attempting to import an XML export file from Endnote. I have not had problems with this previously. This time the import failed and an error message displayed: "Import failed - illegal characters in path". I am assuming there is something in a path name or file name that is causing this, and I may have to rename the offending item - however I could be wrong about this and I am not sure what I should be looking for. Has anyone had this problem and managed to solve it? Regards, Kris.
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