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Found 3 results

  1. I went to open the sample project today and got the database component error message that (I think) usually indicates some system conflict. The problem was not webcompanion - uninstalling it made no difference. Since the only change I had made between last working with NVivo and today was upgrading Windows 10, I uninstalled the upgrade and was once again able to access the sample project and create new projects. Just reporting it in case anyone else finds the same thing .
  2. Good Day, I've been trying to get my data analysis in gear but cannot get beyond an issue when importing my dataset (from surveys) into NV. My survey has been complied into one Excel file (.xlsx) and I've cleaned the columns as best I can given the responses from participants (deleting spaces, capitalizing lower cases for proper nouns, spelling etc.). When I import into NV here is what I do and the problems I'm encountering: External data> dataset> Import wizard All columns are selected as classifying fields except the last 4 (net use, drawing, website, TV) This is the 1st issue: the column that contains values for hours(net use) to 1 decimal place is NOT readable by NV as a classifying field citing the numbers are off somehow) complete import I create a classifying node named "participants" I select the data set and chose "classify nodes from dataset"> nodes are populated the 2nd issue is when viewing the demographic info, everything looks good when I click and chose "visualize>chart nodes by attribute value" I get the proper numbers and % of age, language, job, education etc. BUT when I try to get info on COUNTRY the "other" category is full of 80 occurrences, this includes 11 references of "Malaysia" as well as references of Thailand and China (all spelt correctly, same format (text) same font, size etc.) This also happens with the RESIDENCE column which has cities and states listed and shows 147 instances of "OTHER" I've tried saving as different file formats checked the Excel file for variations but cannot locate the source of this error and find it very frustrating that NV can't distinguish these are the same words. The only other info I have uploaded to my project are 1700 images, after seeing the error above I deleted my data set and the subsequent nodes I got from auto coding for those 4 codeable fields listed above. I certainly don't want to upload ALL 1700 of them again since NV has no proper drag and drop and files have to be selected again & again using 'browse'(although losing days of work seems to be the norm with NV). I would really appreciate some advice or if someone could identify what the problem is or what I'm doing wrong here so I can proceed with figuring out this cumbersome program. As mentioned elsewhere on these forums the ability to edit datasets after import is crucial especially for a program designed to handle large sets of data which of course will turn up a few mistakes in the process and need correction without having to begin again from the start. Thanks! SURVEY DATA3.xlsx
  3. I've seen that this has been a problem before but, unfortunately, I can't access the response as it has been sent as an email to the querent. I haven't used NVIVO 10 for months on my laptop. When I loaded it up it asked me to initialise the product key again which I thought was weird. Anyway, I have another 437 days left of my NVIVO. Yay! The problem is, I can't open ANY of my NIVO files, even the sample file. It keeps coming up with the same message "Database component did not intialize". I have re-started, and re-started again to no avail. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance