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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I am analysing 100 interviews and have 356 nodes. I am trying to extract data for my manager who isnt using NVIVO. One way of doing this would be the framework matrices. The problem with the framework matrices is that the text is truncated in some instances. What is the criteria for truncating the text please? Also, do you have any other ideas for presenting text for analysis to my manager other than running queries and copy and pasting the text out into documents? thanks for any ideas Jane
  2. Hello, We are using framework matrices to start analysis of our data. We currently have 3 people coding and doing the matrix summaries for individual families in our study. I set up a master folder on our network space where I save the master project and I use this version/copy to do my coding and summaries. I set up two other folders on our network space for the other two current researchers who are also coding and doing the matrix summaries. From my understanding of merging this is what I have been doing. Once a week I have opened the master project and individually imported selected co
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