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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, When I import a word document with a table in it and code a selection of text from within the table, the reference view shows the text from the entire table, with my selection in bold. In reference view, I can cut out the surrounding text by deselecting 'rich text'. However, when I auto summarize in a framework matrix, the text from the entire table comes up in each of my cells and I can't find a way to only display my selected text. Any help would be much appreciated! Cheers Jon
  2. Hi all! I'm new here and quite new to Nvivo as well. Over the past couple of week I have been working at coding interviews according to a well established coding tree. I now need to create framework matrices with interviews in the rows and themes and sub-theme as columns. In order to do I need to create case nodes for each of the interview. However, when I do there is no trace of the coding I have done on the interviews. In the case nodes the appeared to have only one code and one reference. The procedure I used to create case nodes for each interview was: -when in 'source' - '
  3. OK - so one of the best tools in NVivo for windows IMHO is the framework matrix tool. It's the almost perfect way of creating a synthesis from a selection of quotes. It can do a very similar thing to a matrix coding query but then gives you not a number or a bar chart but the actual data/quotes so you can write a synthesis, create links to originals and both explore and write about the data. BUT Why is it still so limited/hobbled by its past? SPECIFICALLY: You can only use case nodes as rows. Why can't you use thematic nodes or sentiments? SOME BACKGROUND Well in its or
  4. I'm using NVivo 11 Pro (version and experiencing extremely slow response (up to 5 minutes) when selecting rows or columns in the framework matrix, or selecting items for search criteria when creating search folders. The slow response occurs when the system tries to display the options available to select, for example the list of nodes. I did not have this problem using NVivo 10. I'd be very grateful for any ideas, suggestions.... Thanks Sharon
  5. I'm using NVIVO 10. I just watched the webinar on using Endnote with NVIVO. Importing PDF's of references from Endnote into a particular project file has two HUGE space-related problems: 1) It inflates the size of the project file, thereby slowing down the operating speed of NVIVO. 2) Since I use many references in several projects, I wind up having to store the same PDF in several different NVIVO project files, thereby gobbling up my hard drive. Is it possible (or could you make it possible in a future version) for NVIVO to somehow search and operate on pdf's that exist in an
  6. Once I have created a framework matrix, e.g., ExampleMatrix, and have started filling it with case nodes as rows and nodes as columns, how can I obtain a list, or a set of all the case nodes that are used in ExampleMatrix? I know it is possible to create a search folder that would contain all case nodes used as rows in framework summaries. But how do you limit the search folder to a given framework matrix (and not all of them, because I have created more than one)? I have tried to find a suitable query, but to no avail. I thought that I could create a set with ExampleMatrix, and then c
  7. I have tried to export 6 framework matrices, but only 3 were exported successfully. This is the error message that is displayed in a pop up window: see screenshot. How can I fix the issue?
  8. In a framework matrix, I have written down summaries that I want to link to the content coded at the corresponding cell (as displayed in the associate view). I have followed all the steps in the procedure: http://help-nv10.qsrinternational.com/desktop/procedures/work_with_framework_matrices.htm#MiniTOCBookMark4 However, in the Analyze tab, under framework matrix, the "New summary link" is not highlighted and is not available. The CTRL-L keyboard shortcut does not work either. Any idea?
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