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Found 3 results

  1. I have survey responses where respondents were scored on their identification knowledge, they were then asked a series of open ended questions regarding their opinion on certain features. I am looking to find whether there are any trends between different scores and the specific words used to describe the features, for example do high scores use the word "colourful" more than low scorers. I have imported my data to Nvivo from Excel where each response is arranged in a row with the first column being their score. I have been able to use the word frequency tool to find words I'm interested for a total of all responses however I'm interested in getting a list of whether the word appears in each specific responses preferably arranged in a column that I can then transfer to Excel. I have roughly 600 responses so manually recording which response recorded a certain word is nonviable. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated!
  2. Good morning, I am a newbie in the NVivo world, and I am encountering difficulties in exploring the text of some scientific papers. In detail, I analyzed the co-occurrences of couples of keywords graphically by building word trees. Results were quite interesting and insightful, but I was wondering if there is a way to figure out the numerical frequency of such co-occurrences. Unfortunately, my current poor skills are hampering me. Thank you for your valuable help Greetings D.
  3. I am studying interaction patterns of teachers' discussions on teaching specific topic.There are 10 discussions. They are coded with different sub topics, i.e. A, B, C, D, E. The subtopics were discussed ramdonly hence in discussion 1, the flow may be A, B, C, D, A, D. And in discussion 2, it may be C, A, D, C, D. I would like to summarize the number of turn taking of discussion each time each subtopic is discussed. That is ,I would like to know how many turns were taken for A in discussion 1, for B in discussion 1, for C in discussion 1... and for C in discussion 2, etc. I am using Nvivo 8. I have imported all the discussion transcrips as 10 internal documents and coded the transcripts with the subtopics. I am wondering whether there is some way in Nvivo 8 to have a summary on the number of turn taking each time a subtopic is discussed. Thank you for your help.
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