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Found 5 results

  1. This might seem like a silly question, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to see what units of my source document I've already coded. I've tried View – Highlight – Coding for All Nodes, but this just highlights everything in my source document. I've also tried View – Highlight – Coding for Selected Items, but this does the same thing. Anyone have any pointers?
  2. Hi, Any advice on how to share coding of a document (currently a source) with a colleague who does not use NVivo. Is there any way of exporting the document, showing the highlighting and node coding, like you can see with 'highlighting' and 'coding stripes' when working on a source? I have managed to export the whole document with highlighting, but no codes, or exporting all the text that is coded but not the names of the nodes they are coded to. Many thanks,
  3. When I'm reading my pdf sources and coding them, the highlight color is not the same as the color for the node I've applied. They all come out yellow even though I have a coding scheme using 6 different colors. How do I make the highlighting match? If Nvivo can't do that, is it possible for nvivo to launch and external pdf editor and then reflect the changes upon save? I use the color aspect of nodes extensively but need the pdf highlighting to reflect that. Thanks!
  4. Hello, When I open up NVivo and click on an audio file that has a transcript and play the audio with the "Synchronize" at the bottom left hand corner of the screen checked, the synced text is highlighted in a dark grey color. The dark grey highlighting color is so dark it is difficult to read the text. However, if I click anywhere in the transcript area, the highlighting changes to a nice light blue color which is easy on my eyes and the text now clearly visible. But the problem is that then the area of the transcript I clicked stays selected and becomes distracting. I only found this workaround in having the highlighted sync text turn to blue after clicking around all over the place. For users using this function for the first time, this may be rather jolting. To show you what is happening, I have included a screenshot of the how NVivo appears when first just playing the synchronized text and another after clicking the text which changes it to blue but leaves the text continually selected. Could you point this out to the technicians and ask for a fix? Also, could you put forward a suggestion? It would be great if the user could select a color they want to have the highlighting in. One reason, just to enhance personal preference for the user. The other, although I am not color blind, there maybe users who are. So being able to change colors for this and other features would be very welcome. Looking forward to hearing from you. Cheers! Darren
  5. A particularly frustrating interface issue is the highlighting of text within scanned PDFs. Although it is possible to highlight accurately in the PDF file itself and even within the PDF in EndNote, when the files are brought into Nvivo, you cannot highlight specific areas of text without the highlight area jumping lines or missing chunks of text. The example attachment explains my issue. I was trying to highlight the whole of the text portion but this was the result. I feel this is an important bug to resolve for Mac as it prevents more widespread use within bibliographic research which I know QSR are keen to promote. Does anyone have a work around?
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