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Found 4 results

  1. I have imported a data file into NVivo 12 Plus from SPSS. The data file contains both demographic info and qualitative responses to questions for respondents organised by id number. I have two problems: 1. I have specified it as a case classification, but it doesn't ask me which questions are open-ended and which are closed-ended as per all the guidance I can find, and I'm not convinced it has formatted it correctly 2. I am unable to do any coding (a coding query is returning no results) because it doesn't seem to be recognising the qualitative data as text I'm only a novice at NVivo so I have no doubt I'm probably doing a number of things 'wrong' but I'd be grateful for some help. Here is a snip of my NVivo screen:
  2. Hello, I have some Word files (interviews) that I am importing. I have already used "track changes" in Word to code/insert comments for my transcripts. Can NVivo 10 import the codes/comments as well? When I uploaded the file, there were no comments at all. Thank you for your help. LLBA
  3. Hello, I am working on a proejct with my professor. My professor has the master file and I am trying to import my work onto the master file. (the files are identical aside from the coding and nodes-majority of nodes are identical but i have added some nodes or changed some nodes) i opened the master file and then went to external data-->import project-->selected my file and then checked selected (including content) and then merge for duplicate items. When i then go to click on import I get the error "An item with the same key has already been added" I have already conducted a Compact and Repair for both files but the error still persists. Please help. thank you
  4. Hi everyone, When putting demographic and company data in Excel for latter importation into NVIVO as attribute data, do you need to have only one entry per cell in an Excel spreadsheet? I am including some organizational data, e.g. on banks, with my demographic data, and some of the banks belong to more than one than one industry, e.g. consumer banking, corporate banking and investment banking. (See the sample Excel spreadsheet below). Can I include all three of these entries in one cell, or do I need to put the information in three separate cells. I would appreciate any other advice about how best to prepare an Excel data spreadsheet for importation into NVIVO as attribute data. Thanks, Matthew Person Sex Occupation Company Name Sector Industry No. Employees Revenue (2010) John Smith Male Business manager Bank of America Financial services Consumer banking, Corporate banking, Investment banking 260,000 61,407.00