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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I use Nvivo 12 Pro I am trying to link each case from my classification sheet (uploaded in Excel) to the each short-answer in my data set. Both the case and the answer are well identified with an Id number. The way i've done this in the past is right clicking on each answer and code it to the respective case. It has worked in the past, when I had a limited number of cases/responses. For my current project, I have 2400 cases/responses. Doing this manually will take me an scandalous amount of time, not to mention the potential human error of erroneous coding. Does Nvivo have a way to speed up this process? A way to do this automatically? I will appreciate the help
  2. Hello, I have both the original digital recording and the typed-up transcript of the recording as a PDF format. Both are separate files. What I am wanting to do is create a link between the two files. This is not for analysis, just for housekeeping. Is this possible? If so, could you please provide me with some guidance? Cheers! Darren
  3. Hi... I hope someone can help. Our team is looking at our options around importing data from five data collection instruments, many of which may be used with the same respondent. We expect around 750 individual respondents and around 1250 interviews. Our current plan is to input responses to questions into a spreadsheet and then import the spreadsheet. Of course, using a Word-formatted questionnaire could also be imported. We want to be able to link respondents together so that we will know that it is the same respondent replying to separate instruments. Using Nodes for each respondent and coding the source is undesirable since there will be so many respondents. We have also discussed linking through a relationship. We hope there are better ideas. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to set this up? Thanks.