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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, As a beginner I run into some things that are not (like much of NVivo - Chapeau!) entirely intuitive. I have imported a spreadsheet from survey monkey and auto coded all the rows and columns (respondents versus questions). In addition I have created an expanding bunch of nodes that deal with the content of my survey. Some of the questions represent two opposing poles of a statement. Through the use of a matrix coding query I can fairly simply combine all of the coding that relates to the intersection of one particular aspect (as defined by a 'content/topic' node) and a set of say three questions (also defined as nodes). I am interested in examining the word usage of one pole as against the opposite. How do I create from the matrix (one row with three columns) a single new entity that I can subject to a word frequency analysis? I have tried a number of 'intuitive' ways, but can't get it done, yet I feel there must be a simple way (that is probably why I don't see it!) Thanks for looking at this! Kindest regards, Robert
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