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Found 3 results

  1. Jennimh

    import maxqda

    Hi, I can't find online anywhere exactly which versions of maxqda projects can be imported into NVivo 12. Could you please advise? Thanks Jenni
  2. Hello, Does anyone know how to open or import a MaxQDA 12 file into NVivo 11? I am currently working on a project with a researcher who uses MaxQDA 12. She is supposed to share data with me for further analysis. So she sent me her project file which is a .mx12 file. I could not open it with NVivo11, nor import it in any way into my project file. I asked her if she could save her project into an .mx5 file (or earlier version), but apparently this is not possible. She could export it into a .mex file, but I could not open it either. Does anyone know how she can send her data? Is it possible to export it in an .xml file or any other filetype (atlas.ti, else?) from MaxQDA12? Or is there any other way to open a .mx12 file from NVivo 11? Thanks. Olivier
  3. Hi Everyone, I've started to use Nvivo instead of Maxqda and I have a problem to open the project saved in Maxqda (*.mx5) in nVivo11. When I click "Convert" button after specifying the input and output file, I get the Conversion error message "There is no Access data component". Thanks for helping.