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Found 3 results

  1. Hi there, I'm working on a systematic review, and with Endnote material imported into NVivo for analysis. When Endnote material is imported the text of the abstract and bibliographic info is in Memos and these are linked to the source record in External sources. The coding was done to the external record and not to the text of the memo (although they are linked to that text) see attached screenshots. The issue now is that when we run coding queries they come up blank. I wonder if there is any fix for this. Is there a way to merge sources or copy coding do we just need to start over here. Any ideas would be most welcome! Thanks Sara
  2. Can someone please confirm that I am correct in this? Or if there is a work-around, please let me know. I am working in Nvivo for Mac and just discovered there are no annotations or see also links. I am now trying to figure out how I might proceed. As each source can only have 1 memo linked to it - in Nvivo for Windows I was advised to create a standalone memo, for instance, "Theme X" and then use the See Also Link to link to the specific sections in each source that I wanted to write about. As I understand it, in Nvivo for Mac, there is no way to link a Memo to a specific section of Text. Memo's can only be linked to entire nodes or entire sources. Is this correct? If yes.... Does anyone have any good suggestions for working around it? I am used to being able to create a "compilation" Memo via See Also Links and use the annotations for noting to myself interesting tid-bits I might come back too. Seems like the power of Nvivo has been stripped right back if this is the case.
  3. Hi, I have copied some text passages which are important for my work from PDF files (Sources) into Memos (referenced). After that I have coded the Memos with different Nodes. What I need to know now though, is the ranking of the coding (Nodes) for each Source. Is there a possibility to get this information out of NVivo. It could basically be a table like this: | Source Name | Node1 | Node2 | NodeN | | Bible | 1.58% | 3.92% | 0.04% | | Quran | 4.12% | 0.17% | 2.41% | I want to rank the occurrence of the nodes later and compare them with other data. If it is not possible to get a percentage of the nodes compared to the original Source it may helpful to get a percentage of the codings of the Memos. Or if no percentage, maybe a list with the total occurrence of nodes for each Memo/Source. Thanks in advance. Roman