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Found 6 results

  1. My colleague and I coded 36 observations. He used NVIVO 11 for mac and I used NVIVO 11 for windows. When I followed the NVIVO instructions for merging files, 32 files did not import. The four files that did import had slight differences and so NVIVO created duplicate copies. The other files I believe did not have any differents. I want to combine the files so I can see my coding and his coding simultaneously. Please advise. Thank you.
  2. My colleague and I independently coded 13 interview transcripts and tried to merge our project files. In the merge, NVivo duplicated 9 of the 13 transcripts, even though 'merged duplicate items' was selected. For instance, NVivo does not recognize transcript 1 in my file to be the same as transcript 1 in my colleague’s file. I am using NVivo Pro 11 Windows and my colleague is using NVivo Mac 11. Following the advice Customer Services & Support, my colleague used Diffchecker and fixed every difference in the transcripts until Diffchecker reported that “files are identical.” However, whe
  3. I imported pdfs/webpages using NCapture and find I have duplicates that came through Endnote. The Endnote data does not contain any pdf/s. Is there a way to put the PDFs into the source item that corresponds? As is, it looks to be two references but it is one. Thanks for the help.
  4. Hi, I am using the latest version of Macintosh and I am currently working on the literature review. I am using different documents but they are written by the same author. I have viewed the youtube and for those documents written by the same authors, they should be classified as one case. So in this case, I am trying to merge these separate cases into one main case that capture the information on that author who wrote different documents. However, I have a problem that I could not merge these selected cases into one case. I have searched for information on how to merge selected cases but
  5. Large project in progress. Many transcribed interviews and currently 2000 nodes! Applied all the optimisation tricks. Upgraded to Windows 10. Increased RAM to 12GB. Occurs on different computer. Basically when I copy and merge nodes (as part of sorting), randomly NVivo10 will stop responding. Sometimes this is with just a couple of small nodes being merged. When NVivo fails/crashes/lags for me, CPU and Memory usage still seem low. Recent error code also included. Anyone else encountered this? Mathew Version = 10.0.638.0 Exception = System.InvalidOperationException Mess
  6. Hi all - I have some interviews that are split up into different files (the person had to go check on lunch, take a phone call, etc etc). Is there any way to merge these different segments in NVivo into one file so I can have a full transcript rather than 3 different chunks? I tried to see what the "merge" function might do... But it didn't do anything. Thanks!
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