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Found 6 results

  1. Hello all ? I am trying to figure out how to design my research recently. I have already used the Ncapture plugin to collect data from newpapers web pages and imported them to Nvivo. I put each article in it's related folder in internals folder. I got 5 keywords that i used for searching on those web pages. Internals got 5 of those keywords. All keyword folders has 6 folders representing years of these articles. 2011,2012,..,2016. And each year has 12 folders representing months of each article. January, February,..December. I would like to use matrix query for optaining visual charts, examine them and write my comments in my thesis. Also, i would like to track the changes of some topics yearly and monthly and try to explain and write about them. Now i got more than 7500 articles in internals in their mentioned folders. Nothing coded yet, no nodes yet. I have read so many things and watched so many help videos so far but i am not sure how to design my data in order to make my future work easy. Forexample should i create source nodes and apply attributes or create cases and attributes? Or my internals folders structure is able to answer my research needs? So flexible and so cool, Nvivo is initially complex eh?
  2. I opened up a model I made yesterday and every time I delete an object, such as a connecting arrow or a shape, the whole program crashes! I don't recall having this problem when I first made the model. Also while I have nodes in my model, the shapes/items I am adjusting are not nodes, they are shapes I've put in. I searched the forums but couldn't find any similar problem. Does anyone know why this is happening? I can't continue my analysis in Nvivo if it keeps crashing every few seconds! Version is 32 bit if relevant. Regards
  3. Hi, I am new to NVivo and I am coding about 5 long interviews and I have about 100 nodes so far. (I searched the forums for "model layout", but couldn't find anything on this topic) I spent a couple of hours arranging the nodes in a model so I could see everything I needed to see, and communicate it to my colleagues. I noticed that I had forgotten one node, so I used Add Project Items to add that node. IT REARRANGED ALL THE NODES!!!! (thank goodness for Undo!!!). How do I get the layout to stay put when I add new project items to my model? Thank you, Bonnie
  4. I have created a model to illustrate connections between sources and some nodes. Next I wanted to add in attributes for the sources (gender, area of interest) as a way of visually diving deeper into the data. But while I can select "classifications" or "attributes" option from the Associated Data window, when I click on "Select," while I can see the classifications, they are greyed out and not available. Is the problem that Models just is not the right visualization tool? Or that Models is not set up to show different "layers" of information? Or am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance for the help.
  5. Hi, Is it possible to bend connectors between shapes in an NVivo model, to make it easier to interpret/explain? Thanks Mathew Australia
  6. When I add a label to my connector it appears as one long string. Is there a way to have the label on two or three shorter lines instead of one long one?