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Found 9 results

  1. Hi there, I just wondered if there was a simple way of removing the 'shadows' under each connector on a model (node tree) in NVivo 10? Any help would be very much appreciated. Many thanks, Liz
  2. When I create a dynamic model, NVivo puts the word "Codes" on every connector. When there are many sources and nodes, all those "Codes" really clutter up the model. Is there a way to get rid of them? So far I've been pulling the model into another program and then, one by one, masking them. But there has to be a better way! Thanks in advance for the help.
  3. I am working with a team on a project but we are all coding in our own projects. I have created a model that I would like to share with my colleagues. Is there a way to share the model so it is editable and not a static image (which is what I have found happens when I export it)? Thanks!
  4. Is it possible to make nodes from a model? I have spent a bit of time making a model with many of the things that I have noticed but not coded for so Im wondering if there is a way to make a node from the model. I know you can link a node to the model, but my understanding is that you do this with an existing node. Tks.
  5. Hi, I have been trying, in NVivo10, to export a model to SVG so I can alter and adapt it in Adobe Illustrator. However, whenever I try to export the models to SVG, an error message comes up that says, "Model [name of model] failed to export". No addition information is given. I tried to make the model 'static', close & re-opened Nvivo. Are there any known issues with SVG export? Are there features that trigger this bug that could be eliminated or changed in model? Any other tips for successful export? Thanks for any advice you can give. - Colin
  6. I may be displaying my ignorance here, but is it possible to link early codes that drive the formation of a model directly to a nascent model to enable follow up at a later stage? Searching the fora has not been successful in clarifying this. Please pardon my naivety if this is a silly question. Mathew Australia
  7. can someone remind me how to remove unwanted tags in models. I want to get rid of 'parent' which automatically gets inserted. Nvivo 10... any suggestions... nothing is jumping out in the ribbon. many thanks Paul gD
  8. Would it be possible to remove the parent tag as the default within all models. When you bring in a number of nodes it is laborious to have to edit each individual one to remove the parent tag. easy fix
  9. Is there any way to remove the 'parent' tag from models, short of not including the parent nodes?
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