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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, How do I find total references for a code without double-counting when there are multiple users coding? I tried to follow the advice on the NVivo site of selecting all the codes in reference view but the select all command would not work. I want to be able to say "we coded for this theme X times in the data" and be confident I am not double-counting any coded data. Thanks!
  2. Hi All: I am getting ready to start a new project with colleagues. We will all be using NVivo 11. I use parallels and run a virtual PC on my Mac. They use Macs. will we be able to share a .nvp file without trouble? Thanks, Audrey
  3. Dear all, I'm a beginner with Nvivo, working on standalone projects in a team fashion. They way I have proceeded so far is that I imported my colleagues project into mine. Everything worked well, excepted that I would need to combine (merge) the coding done by my colleague in her sources (eg. A1) into the coding I've done in same source (eg A2). So the final goal would be to have a 3rd version of a source (A) containing both my colleague's coding and mine. I've been struggling to find a way to do that, which might be quite simple, but haven't find any way through. Could anyone help me on that please? Many thanks in advance, Daphne