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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all - thanks in advance for any help you can give. I am trying to recover a very substantial piece of work urgently. I have coded a number of PDFs in a project called p4 (attached). It will not open. I will paste the error message I get below. I have tried to recover the project by opening the recovery file - this does not work (NVivo crashes/closes). I downloaded the dummy project file for recovery. I got a message to say that recovery had been successful, but then NVivo crashes/closes again. Once again, thanks for any assistance or insight that an
  2. Hi all, I've recently lost a project due to a faulty USB-drive. Luckily, I still do have a .nvb-restore-file, but lack a corrupted .nvp-file (that was on that flashdrive...) to start the recovery process. I've found a few topics on this form (such as this one) that provide such a .nvp-file, but as my registration approval has been pending for two days now, I'm trying it here as well. If anybody from QSR could activate my account, or anybody else would be so kind to upload the NVivo 12 .nvp-file from the aforementioned topic to a freely accessible page (Dropbox, WeTransfer, ...), that woul
  3. As with some other form users, I've been unable to open a project, but have a .nvb file. (When I opened the project, there was an error message, but it disappeared before I could read it). Is it possible to let me know how to recreate the project from the .nvb file? I'm not sure why the project didn't open, but I've noted the advice on how to mitigate against this happening. Many thanks, Gail.
  4. Hi guys, I accidentally deleted my entire project! although I still have a backup file( .nvb) I guess....how can I recover my project from there, does anyone know how ? PLZ help
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