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Found 9 results

  1. I was wondering if NVivo10 is going to include the capability to directly import/export from/to OneNote. I noticed that Evernote is already included in the recent announcement of the forthcoming release to the public but no mention to OneNote. Since Onfolio (Academic & Scientifi edition) was removed from the market following its acquisition by MicroSoft, I have not found a suitable equivalent (one that, for example, works directly with bibliographic software such as EndNote). I have been using OneNote for my research during the past three years and it would be wonderful news for me if NVivo10 provides its users with specific features to ease the task of importing to NVivo the 'pre-selected raw material' from OneNote. I have tried Evernote but I do not see any substantial difference (unless compatibility with Mac is required).
  2. Hi, I'm currently using Nvivo10 on Windows for my MA thesis. Having completed all my initial coding (with the aid of the autocoding function) I'm now at the stage of reviewing my findings. I've attempted to run several basic coding queries and matrix coding queries. However, I have found the results of coding queries to be inaccurate. Notably, key data is missing despite being assigned to the relevant nodes. To provide an example (For the sake of context, I'm analyzing newspaper texts in the lead up to Brexit) : If i run a coding query to select all 'Daily Mail articles' AND the theme of 'Security risk' - query results show 32 results. Whereas, data at the node level shows a total of 38 articles. This happens across the board with various combinations, it seems that the query results omit data despite it being clearly assigned to a node. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar issue whilst suing NVivo10? Any suggestions/ solutions would be great! Many thanks, R.
  3. Dear all, When trying to open a file that was covered from pc to mac, my Nvivo systematically crashes. Can you please advise how to fix this problem? I attached the crash report that is generated. Kind regards Frederik Crash report Nvivo.docx
  4. Has anyone been able to determine an easy way - other than using a standard defining string such as [ANNOTATION] at the beginning of an annotation or specifying a series of wild cards that covers any word that could be used (e.g., a* OR b* OR c* OR d* OR etc) - to acquire a user-friendly contextual display of all the annotations in a single project? As it sits I can see no easy way to access all the annotations I have made across a project otehr than by going into each individual document. A side note, the wildcard query approach takes a very long time (20 mins) to run on a very high power machine (16GB RAM, multi-core processors) and can cause the program to crash.
  5. Hello, I have installed NCapture on my chrome browser on my new mac. I noticed when I capture data from Twitter as a dataset using NCapture, NVivo10 for Mac does not recognize the .nvcx file type and I cannot import the captured dataset. Could you please fix this issue or explain to me what I am doing wrong and how to fix it. Many thanks Melissa
  6. I am still having problems with data not saving in cells within a framework. I intentionally put information is each cell, but it often gets wiped (backups checked, data missing there too). Also I have found on a couple of occasions that data that is present in a node, does not show up. Can anyone suggest a solution? I wrote last year on the same topic but got no response? What is best way to avoid this problem occuring? It is particularly annoying losing data and having to retype it over and over again. Many thanks Paul
  7. Hi, I have recently imported a number of audio files and interview transcripts into NVivo 10. The interview transcripts are all Microsoft Word documents. I can code the transcripts with no issues whatsoever. But I was listening to an interview and noticed a mistake in the transcription, I was able to click edit and select the word to delete it, however, I could not add any text to the transcript. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as I need the transcripts to be fully editable within NVivo. Kind regards, Mitch
  8. I have coded three interview scripts by creating nodes. For example, all three interview scripts (or articles) have some text coded generically under the node interview question one. I then went into each script and have done some detailed coding creating nodes. When I then open the interview question one node, I would like to see all the other detailed nodes which have been applied to it. However, when I go into the view coding section it only allows me to see the most recent or most dense nodes and not all of them. Is there a way just to get it to show me all the nodes just applied to the text that comes up in the interview question one node? If I say I want to see the most recent 50 nodes, it shows me the last 50 nodes which I created and not the ones that just apply to the text I am looking at. I have over 500 nodes in total, so I really need help!
  9. Hi everyone, I'm working on my master thesis in communication management. I made a content analysis of 948 Facebook posts, as pictures (each post in an own .pdf file), from 12 different Facebook users. Now here is my problem: I try to create a report "Coding summary by source report" to output all posts with the assigned codes/nodes as .html. After initiating the creation of the report, my PC starts to process until Nvivo10.exe & sqlservr.exe use nearly 2GB of memory. In this moment the creation of the report crashes (see the attached pictures). NVivo tells me to "reduce the complexity of the report". I already tried to output only one single source with its assigned codes but it gave me the same error. Is this a problem of memory? I already reconfigured the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 x64 to give access to more than 2GB Ram, but it didn't change anything. My system: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 Processor 8GB DDR3-RAM XFXForce 790i Ultra Motherboard Nvidia Geforce GTX 570 2TB Hard Disk Drives I'm running NVivo 10 x64 (local, not connected to a server) and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 x64. Could you please help me? I really appreciate your help. Kind regards, Huppys
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