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Found 4 results

  1. My NVivo 11 Pro license is about the expire and I can't seem to find where to renew my license. The only option that I see is to buy the NVivo 12 Pro license. Can I buy the NVivo 11 Pro version rather than the NVivo 12 Pro one? In case I purchase the NVivo 12 Pro license, will I be able to open my NVivo 11 Pro projects on it?
  2. Hi there, I have recently been having a problem with being able to see node names while working in NVivo. I use Detail View with the node names to the left of the main document pane. I have a lot of tree nodes and usually work with trees collapsed until I need something from a particular branch - at which point I will expand that branch, find what I need, and then collapse it again. However, every time I expand or collapse a tree, the column width of the node name changes, usually rendering node names unreadable. Is there a setting somewhere that I can change to prevent this happening? It's extremely annoying having to change column widths every time I do something. I've provided screen shots below to try to show what I mean. If anyone can tell me how to fix this I will be profoundly grateful! Thanks Helen Example Imagine I am working on methodologies. My tree nodes look like this: I want to look at something within the Diaries tree so I expand the tree. This happens: I re-expand the name field so that I can see the nodes in the Dairies tree. It looks like this: I want to explore some of the benefits of Diaries so I expand the Benefits tree. It does this: And so on... You can probably see that this gets pretty frustrating quite quickly. I do understand some of the complexities of this display...but earlier versions of NVivo seemed to manage it and if I could just find a way to make the node names remain visible as I expand and collapse the trees (I'm not particularly interested in the Sources and References fields while doing this work) then that would save me a lot of frustration. Big thanks to anyone who can offer any help!
  3. I would like to know if it is possible to eliminate coding by all but one user. For some of the sources (focus group transcrips), I would like to keep the coding for user A. For the other sources, I would like to keep the coding for user B. I suppose another way of saying this is that I would like to eliminate the coding of particular users. Thank you.
  4. Hi, I am a new to NVivo and have found my way around a little, but I am facing a problem which has had me stressed the the last 4 days. I run a matrix query with the nodes (strategies) that I am looking at as columns, and the Node Target Words words I am testing as rows, I also choose the source as the interview which I have done. The problem is that when I export the results to excel, one of the nodes (strategies), [Evaluating] which I have coded (65) becomes 61 times when I add all teh strategies used with the words. By looking closely at the codes node in Nvivo I found the following, which I really don't understand ยง 11 references coded [15.20% Coverage], for participant 1, so does this mean there are 11 instances where te node [Evaluating] has been applied? but when looked the list of references , they are not 11 but 9 and some had References 7-8 - 2.95% Coverage and References 9-10 - 2.08% Coverage, so does that mean that in each of these references the node [Evaluating] appeared twice? When I went back to the node [Evaluating] I found 4 instances like the previous so 61 + 4= 65 but in excel it only gives me 61. I really do not understand how NVivo is giving me node less than the total number knowing I have not coded anything else than the words am looking at. Can someone kindly help me ? Thank you, Nesreen
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